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How to Become Mechanical? Training and Requirements

To become a professional in vehicle diagnostics, repair and maintenance, you must have a professional training in mechanical engineering, for example a diploma as a mechanical expert or equivalent.

The technical training provides skills related to: vehicle mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, engine types, operation of the main systems of a vehicle (power supply, lubrication, ignition, carburation, cooling ...).

Very important in the training of a mechanic is also the knowledge in electronics and information technology applied to the automotive sector - considering the increasing diffusion and integration in vehicles of a large number of sensors and computerized control systems.

Skills of a mechanic
The skills required of a mechanic are:

Knowledge of the mechanical and electronic systems present in vehicles
Competence in diagnostics and fault assessment
Ability to use tools and utensils for car repairs
Ability to draw up reliable estimates of time and cost of interventions
Knowledge of mechanical technical drawing

A mechanic's career usually begins with an apprenticeship (apprentice mechanic), in which he perfects his theoretical training through practice. Once he has gained some experience, the mechanic can start coordinating the work of other professionals, becoming a team leader or workshop manager. Some choose to open their own independent workshop instead.

Then there are several possibilities for specialization: on the one hand there are those who focus on certain brands of vehicles, perhaps affiliated to a specific car manufacturer, others instead deepen their knowledge in the repair of a class of vehicles, becoming for example car mechanics (even of old cars), motorcycle mechanics or agricultural vehicle mechanics.

However, there are many career opportunities in the automotive sector: a mechanic can use his experience to become a tyre repairer, bodyworker or electrician (to stay in the repair shop), or to pursue a career in the commercial sector, as a distributor of car parts or as a salesman for cars and commercial vehicles.

Good reasons to work as a mechanic
Working as a mechanic is a great opportunity for those who have a great interest in the world of cars and a passion for mechanics.

The job offers for mechanics are numerous and the employment prospects are positive, also because the number of vehicles on the road is constantly increasing. The opportunities are widespread throughout the territory and therefore there is the possibility of finding a job not far from your area of residence.

The salary is good, and for the more enterprising there are also good opportunities to develop a business on their own, opening their own garage.


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